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Signature Mineral Mask

Signature Mineral Mask

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A wonderful mineral drink from the outside in, this award-winning mask made from the world's most refined white clay will soothe and soften to transform your skin in the most gentle way possible. A game changer for reducing redness and evening out skin tone.


How to Use

Create a silky cream by combining our pure powdered mask with fresh spring water into the hand-crafted ceramic mixing cup. Apply using mask brush and glide this lush mask over the contours of your face. Do not allow mask to fully dry as this will pull too much moisture from skin. Finally, hold a soft and steamy compress cloth against your face to gently remove the mask and reveal a glow-y new you.

Maintenance programme: 1 x mask ritual weekly

Intensive programme: 3 x mask ritual weekly


Full Ingredients

Superfine sun dried white French clay (Kaolin)

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