• + Skin Consultation


    Let’s go back to basics and understand how skin works. Products and treatments can be overwhelming, in this consultation you’ll walk away with an individualised skin prescription and a better understanding of what products will best support your unique skin.

    Beneficial for anyone starting on a new skin journey. Consultation is the foundations of working on your skin goals. Bring the bathroom cabinet with you if this helps.
    30mins ∙ $60

    60mins ∙ $120 (option to include express bespoke facial treatment)

  • + Head in the Clouds


    Don’t know where to start? This will introduce you to the grounding experience facials are capable of. Tailored with an adaptive blend of MV Skintherapy,
    Biologi, Maryse and Josh Rosebrook products to address your skin. This gives us time to play detective and you will leave with a plan moving forward to focus on your concerns.

    Recommended for all skins, all conditions, YOU!

    60mins ∙ $130
    80mins ∙ $160

  • + Easy like a Sunday morning


    Aromatherapy, facial tools and signature massage movements bundled up into one 90 minutes of bliss. Combining modalities from head to toe this treatment allows you to hit the snooze button and sink deeper into rest.


    Ideal for new mums, busy corporates or a pre event spruce up.

    90min ∙ $190
    Add LED ∙ $30

  • + Don’t you know, skin wasn’t built in a day?


    Overdone it? Too many products? Treatments? Or got too much sun?

    Focusing on building the tiles back up on your skin. Let’s start back at the basics when it’s all gone south.

    Cooling clays and reparative oils work as a salve to reduce inflammation, irritation. Bring skin back to equilibrium.

    75mins ∙ $150

  • + Let it Flow


    Give the skin a shake up and a little omphhh! Incorporating a specialised EMS (Electrical muscle stimulating machine) device to stimulate circulation, lymphatic drainage and enhance tone and contours. Results serve as a mini face lift, every muscle is stimulated, trained and manipulated.

    Work out laying down, check √

    75mins ∙ $150
    (This treatment has contraindications, contact for enquiry)

  • + Spruce Up Your Treatment

    ADD ON

    LED + $30

    Enhance your skin health with a boost of beneficial light. An essential add on to any facial ritual.


    Hair Treatment + $25

    A nourishing herbal hair serum rich in traditional Ayurvedic herbs for nourishing and calming the nervous system, relieving stress, promoting incredible shine to hair and soothing irritated and dry scalp conditions.


    Biologi Sheet Mask + $25

    Designed to provide the skin with a big drink with some of the purest plant
    extracts ~ Boost, Balance, Calm


    Extended Facial Tools + $40

    Extra time spent on sculpting and lymphatic drainage using a
    selection of specialised tools to further boost treatment results.