"What could life be like if we had the means to take
    relaxation and healing as seriously as we take our work?"
    Cultivated connections and rituals of relaxation MARGOT is
    a curation of skin, beauty, wellbeing, and soul brands that approach the earth with kindness. Each product is chosen with intention, based on efficacy, potency, and sustainable practices in mind.

    A wholesome space here in Hobart to connect through grounding treatments tailored to your individual needs or, to bring a moment of pause into your daily life, no matter how big or small.

    Originally from the far North West Coast of Tasmania, nature has always been a part of my being. This connection drew me to reconsider how we approach our everyday lives and specifically how we can help reduce our impact. Celebrating the resources that surround us only seemed fitting when I began transitioning to more eco-conscious brands, beginning in my own bathroom cupboard.
    This space runs deeper than just skin products, I am truly passionate about changing the inner dialogue and recognising authentic and realistic self care practises. Hindrance with my own skin allows me to empathise and to hold space for each individual with their own struggles. Skin is our biggest communicator and acknowledging how we feel mentally and physically can heavily influence its appearance. Less is definitely more, our skin knows how to function we only need to give it the proper tools for it to do so.
    "Be you and find small moments that make you feel good, release expectations."
    On my days away from treating you can find me immersing myself in our beautiful bushy landscapes with my fluffy companion Pepper by my side. ‘Margot’ is an extension of my journey and how it is constantly evolving, I hope you’ll love it around here...
    Kindly, Maddi x