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Nestled in Hobart's city centre, visit our unique beauty space and drift off into a place of stillness with our bespoke facial treatments

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A curation of trusted, consciously sourced products harnessing the synergy of plant- power and bio designed ingredients. Let's take the complication out of skin care, and start celebrating our daily rituals with minimal environmental impact.

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Support your skin, our biggest communicator and protector with concentrated formulas and small batch organic skin care ranges.

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  • Maddi has magic hands! The facial was as much about what she put on my skin as it was about how she put in on (and took it off) my skin, which was like a dance. And while it was a ‘facial’, it really was a full body experience - I moved the warming foot wrap to start and the gentle leg massage and stretch to finish. An utterly delightful experience. Thank you Maddi!
    ~ F
  • Incredible. Felt safe and so so relaxed, thank you Maddie!
    ~ F
  • I found my personal experience as Margot Body to be relaxing and very helpful to my skin condition. My acne had always been a burden and with proper advice and the blue light therapy it really has helped my skin to heal, not just this, but it gave me hope to fully heal my acne.
    ~ S
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