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Multi Vitamin Body Oil

Multi Vitamin Body Oil

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This unique blend is crafted by infusing nutrient dense dried plants and leaves with organic sunflower oil to extract and harness the individual plants' potency. Once infused, these super-botanicals provide critical amounts of naturally occurring vitamins, omegas and antioxidants to enhance and optimise healthy skin. These 100% natural Infusions are grown and harvested in the South Island at the peak of their bioactive potential.

Avocado oil is extremely rich in vitamins A and E. This combination of nutrients boosts the body’s skin hydration levels, making it a deeply nourishing and reparative skincare ingredient. Also known for its high essential fatty acid content, avocado oil targets dry and compromised skin conditions.


How to Use

Apply a generous amount to body and hands daily. To enhance full absorption of body oil, apply to skin after a warm shower or bath.


Full Ingredients 

Helianthus Annuus ( Sunflower ) Seed Oil * — Camellia Oleifera ( Camellia ) Seed Oil * — Simmondsia Chinensis ( Jojoba ) Seed Oil * — Vitis Vinifera ( Grape ) Seed Oil — Macadamia Ternifolia ( Macadamia ) Seed Oil — Persea Gratissima ( Avocado ) Oil — Borago Oicinalis ( Borage) Oil * — Squalene ( Olive ) — Taraxacum Oicinale ( Dandelion leaf ) Leaf Extract * — Macropiper Excelsum ( Kawakawa ) Leaf Extract * — Rosa Canina ( Rosehip ) Extract * — Calendula Oicinalis ( Calendula ) Extract * — Tocopherol ( Vitamin E ) * — Natural Parfum ( Linolene, Linalool, Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol ) | * Organic Ingredient.

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